SenseShot® Indoors
For gunshot detection and localization capabilities inside buildings.

System Benefits

SenseShot® Indoors Demo System Assembly and Example Installation.

Military Heritage - Based on same detection, localization, and classification technologies and base station capabilities developed for the US Army.

Accurate and Precise - Provides accurate localization of active shooter incidents indoors in near real-time.

Easy Install - Simple installation and configuration through web-based user interface.

Configuration Alerts - Integrated SMS, email, telephone, and on-screen alerts in real-time.

What comprises an install?
- Mounting options compatible with old and new construction sites
- About the size of a commercial smoke detector
- 1-wire connection is all you need; Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
- Autonomous False Alarm Rejection technology implemented at base station
- Automatic alert system with simple user-interface on mobile devices

System Overview

Feature Benefits
Three Tier Architecture - Base station server (Unix/Linux).
- Database (Unix/Linux).
- Web-based User Interface (UI, any OS).
- Each unit can be hosted in same or different hardware servers based on customer needs.
Structured Storage Sensory data is stored in technologically mature high-performance, scalable database such as MySQL
Scalable - Can be made Cloud-ready.
- Can easily be adapted to support mobile devices.
Built with off-the-shelf tools - No third-party licensing lowers the cost.
- Well-maintained and industry tested.
False Alarm and Fusion Algorithms - False alarm rejection system trained from real-world scenarios and can be adapted to new conditions.
- Fusion system provides localization estimates in less than 4 seconds autonomously.
Central System I/O - SMS and email alerts with custom lists and schedules.
- I/O with alarm systems and emergency indicators

Hardware Components

  • Sensor Casing with POE ready install
  • SenseShot® Sensor Nodes
  • Signal Processor and Communications Unit

Software Components

  • Automated False Alarm Rejection Algorithm
  • Event Localization and Fusion Tools
  • Desktop and Mobile User Interface (UI)
  • SMS, Email, Telephone Notifications

How it Works

SenseShot® Indoors Gunshot Detection - How it works.
(SenseShot&tradel; Indoors )

1 Digital Microphone Arrays- Utilize high sound pressure level MEMS microphones that provide low noise and interference, and digital (PDM) streaming measurements to the DSP detector.

2 Distributed Architecture - Each node contains its own two channels, low power DSP and communications computer that provides automated gunshot detection and data transfer (wired/wireless) to the base station.

3 Base Station Software- Receives and processes acoustic event signatures/attributes from sensor nodes or arrays, performs false alarm rejection, and estimates shooter location and/or projectile trajectory.

4 Gunshot Event Notifications- Provides software and hardware interfaces to integrate real-time updates with other sensor systems and also serves web-based UI control.

Base Specs

Your specific distributed sensor network topology is dependent on your particular site's terrain and layout. Request a SenseShot® solution for your your specific indoor GSD requirements.

*Maximum detection range is an estimate only and subject to variations with background noise conditions and deployed indoor environment.
SenseShot® Indoors Detector Node
Channels per unit 2 (P + B/U)
Maximum range to shooter (indoor) - small arms 100m*
Maximum range to shooter (indoor) - high power rifle 200m
System Design and Sizing
Recommended sensor spacing One sensor/200 square meter
Max supported nodes per network 252
Communications and Power Options
Wired version (SenseShot®) - Cat5-e 100 Mbps Ethernet connector.
- IEEE 802.3 PoE enabled (auto config)
- 120 VAC power adapter included
Wireless version (SenseShot®+WiFi) - Cat5-e 100 Mbps Ethernet + 802.11b WiFi
- 120 VAC power adapter included

License and Warranty

SenseShot® Warranty
Each SenseShot® system includes the required firmware and detection software pre-installed at no additional charge. SenseShot® is covered by a software and hardware warranty for two years after the date of purchase. This system is not certified as a life-saving or life protection device and thus detection accuracy during a crisis event is not guaranteed. Each new hardware purchase includes two years of firmware and software updates with complimentary phone technical support. New site activations include on-site training and installation support provided by ISTI's field engineering team.

By purchasing a SenseShot® Gunshot Detection System, you will own the sensors for your application, and have a license to use the web console for viewing, monitoring and managing the gunshot events occurring in the area covered by your sensors.

Should you require more sensors to improve your coverage area, additional units can easily be added and synced with your existing network.

Similarly, scaling down on the number of sensors in your network can easily be accomplished.

SenseShot® Buy-Back Plan

We do not rent out the sensor hardware to clients, they get to own it. Thus, Year 1 costs will be higher than subsequent years, however, we do have a hardware Buy-Back program, where we take back the old sensors and offset the cost against a newer sensor purchase, should the sensor hardware specifications greatly vary in performance throughout the course of your subscription.

The First Turn-Key Gunshot Detection System

Built By A World Leader in GSD Technology

Information System Technologies Inc. (ISTI) has developed this patented technology as part of its ongoing work for the US Army force protection program as well as industrial applications.
ISTI's novel solutions using distributed sensors for surveillance, situational awareness, homeland security and border monitoring, has led to the filing of US patents supporting it's products.

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SenseShot® - created by Information System Technologies Inc.

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