Respond to Active Shooter Situations with Confidence

Low cost, low power distributed sensor network systems for first-responders
for indoor and outdoor use.

Indoors Gunshot Detection

For gunshot detection and localization capabilities inside buildings.

Outdoors Gunshot Detection

For gunshot detection and localization capabilities in outdoor urban environments.

Better Performance, Better Value

Situational Awareness 24/7:
Indoor and outdoor event notifications and 911 alerts without any human interaction.

Speed Saves Lives:
Provides real-time, safety-critical information to students, staff, and first responders.

Robust against False Alarms:
Autonomous decision-making eliminates false alarms for highly accurate detection.

Easy Deployment:
Can be installed in both new and existing fixtures with minimal labor.

The First Turn-Key Gunshot Detection System

No more renting hardware, and costly service contracts

Our gunshot detection and localization systems come with the necessary hardware and cloud-based software for gunshot detection and localization. The system comprises of a secure access web console and individual network sensors.

The sensor network sizes can be scaled up to cover additional sites as needed over time and the sensor network can also be redeployed if the environment around the desired site coverage area changes over time.

The software is accessed online via your own cloud-deployed virtual instance, and you can scale up or down coverage for sensors as often as you need.

SenseShot® Gunshot Detection System (GSD) User Interface. SenseShot® GSD Sensor Unit.
(Screenshot: SenseShot® prototype unit shown).

Multi-Device Compatibility

Identify threats, view detected gunshot incidents, locate and track shooter movements, receive SMS, email and telephone alerts or designate contacts to receive alerts.

The SenseShot® Indoors and Outdoors system don't tie you down into one 'set process' for monitoring and managing gunshot incidents. The systems can easily be configured for the needs of law enforcement, security and surveillance or private users.

You decide how best to integrate SenseShot's® gunshot detection capabilities into your processes.

SenseShot® Gunshot Detection System Web Desktop and Mobile Interface.

Focused on Breaking Barriers, Not Creating Them

Unlike other gunshot detection system providers, we don't ask our users to fork over hundreds of thousands of dollars. We have advanced the technology of GSD systems and thus been able to reduce the costs of buying, installing and running the systems.

Our systems can be scaled up or down per unit, and thus enable users to find the perfect balance of cost-and-cover for their application, be it for private or commercial use.

You can access the gunshot detection UI via a secure internet connection from anywhere in the world. You're always in control of how to respond to events.

SenseShot® Gunshot Detection System Login Screen for Web UI.
(Screenshot: Demo laptop shown, with cloud UI login screen).

Built By A World Leader in GSD Technology

Information System Technologies Inc. (ISTI) has developed this technology as part of its ongoing work for various DoD and industrial applications.
ISTI's novel solutions using distributed sensors for surveillance, situational awareness, homeland security and border monitoring, has led to the filing of US patents supporting it's products.

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Information System Technologies Inc Video - Creators of SenseShot®

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